Squish, Squish

Today’s tune is


I’m not a barefoot sort of person, but I’ve watched my children enjoy squishing their toes in the mud, so it must be fun. LOL This old time tune is a 3-parter, and I could just about play it all day long. When it first came across my path, the C part repeated, so that’s how I’ve notated it here. However, I have found many places where the C part is only played one time through and then back around to the beginning. So, take your pick – just make sure that all who are jamming with you know what you want to do!

Sal’s Got Mud Between Her Toes – Gtr TAB

Here’s video from some folks in Denmark, and it’s amazing that even that far away, the tune has actually held onto the basic melody!

So, this sunny day here in the Midwest, pick up your guitar and try it! If the sun’s not shining where you are, it’ll surely be enticed to peek out of the clouds with this tune.:)


Can You Dance a Tobacco Hill

I can’t remember where I found this super Old Time Breakdown, but it sure is a blast to play! If you notice on the notation, it is played straight through, no repeats.

Can You Dance a Tobacco Hill – Gtr TAB

Here is a video that seems to play it pretty much like it’s notated here. Like most folk music, it’s often passed down aurally, and the notes sometimes get changed.:)

As always, your guitar beckons – get it out and try this simple tune!


Two fer One Special

While browsing YouTube one day, I ran across this simple old-time tune called Did You Ever See the Devil, Uncle Joe? In looking for the notation, I discovered that it is also called Hop High Ladies. There is a fine discussion about the history of the tune on Vi Wickam’s website here.

In the meantime, it’s a tune that’s easy to learn and play. So, you can get the PDF  with free guitar TAB and notation for each tune, which are really the same tune! LOL

Did You Ever See the Devil, Uncle Joe – Gtr TAB

Hop High Ladies – Gtr TAB

Here are a couple of videos that I enjoyed. As usual, there are many small differences to the tunes so I tried to find ones that fit pretty close to the notation that I found.:)

Of course, with such titles, you must get out your guitar and take a turn at playing! You’ll be glad that you did!


Glory in the Meeting House!

Since tomorrow is Sunday, and many will go to a church service, this tune seemed apropos.


When we play this at our jam session, one of my dear friends often comments that the angels are dancing!  I believe that God likes it when we enjoy the gift of music.:)

Glory in the Meeeting House – Guitar TAB Here is the guitar TAB and notations for the tune.:)

On researching for a video, I discovered that this particular version is quite different than most that I found. However, I DID locate a group who plays it mostly like we do at our jam. Hooray! We also have an awesome flatfooting dancer who really breaks it out on this tune!

See the menu at the top of this, go to the tab Free PDF’s and Practice Videos, to find practice videos for Glory in the Meeting House. 🙂

The tune lays extremely well on the guitar, and quite fun to play. So…….grab your guitar and try out Glory in the Meeting House. You’ll be glad that you did.


Captain Byng Polka

CAPTAIN BYNG is a wonderful little polka that can get going quite fast!

It is constructed around the chords, so it truly makes it a small, fun “study” on chordal structure on whatever instrument you choose to play it on.

I looked around to find a recording, and this one on YouTube seems to work well. The video is a set of two polkas, and Captain Byng begins at about 1:34. When we play this at our jam, it’s usually enough to get people’s feet tapping and legs moving – great music!

Captain Byng – Gtr TAB

is the PDF that contains the guitar TAB, as well as the notations and chords.:)

Here in the Midwest, it’s a cloudy day, but I know that getting out my guitar and working on this tune will certainly brighten things up.:) Try it there, where you live, today. You’ll be glad that you did!


Farmyard Antics

One tune that I have really enjoyed is:


It lays well on the guitar, and I took the liberty of putting some of the B part up the neck just a tad at the 4th and 5th fret.

Click Turkey in the Straw – Gtr TAB for the PDF with guitar TAB and  notation with chords.

I found this really fun and inspiring version by Bryant Underwood, who placed second at the 2014 Robin Kessinger’s Flatpick competition!

Even if it’s been a long day, grab your guitar and sit a spell. It’ll make your heart lighter!


Fun Scottish Hornpipe!


is a fun Scottish hornpipe, so it’s played like dotted notes, altho’ I did not notate it that way. Lots of people play hornpipes straight, like a reel, so it’s whatever suits your fancy. I figured that “quarter deck” was a nautical term, so I found the definition on this site:


The Quarter Deck – Gtr TAB is a PDF of the tune, with guitar TAB.

I couldn’t find any video of the tune, but if I run across one I’ll come back and put it in here.:)

Quarterdeck Deck area designated by the commanding officer as the place to carry out official functions; station of the OOD in port.
Quarterdeck Part of the main (or other) deck reserved for honors and ceremonies and the station of the OOD. The quarter-deck received its name in the days when decks were in tiers. The “half-deck” was half the length of the ship, and the “quarter-deck” was half the length of the half-deck.

As always, go pick up your guitar case, unlatch it, tune the strings, and try this fun tune! You’ll be glad that you did.


Billy in the Lowground

One tune that I really enjoy playing the chords for is this one!


There is something about the chord structure that is quite fun. I have never figured out what or where the lowground is….LOL I looked up Billy in the Lowground on YouTube and there are so many versions, especially for the flatpick guitar. So…I just chose one that didn’t seem too busy or off the beaten path of the basic melody.

The PDF with guitar TAB includes moving up the neck a bit in measures 11 and 12 – the last two measures of the first line of the B part. I have small hands and short fingers, and this was much easier than trying to reach clear up to the 7th and 8th fret and back down. Try it~Billy in the Lowground – Guitar TAB

As always, just take a few minutes, right now, and pull out your guitar and try this one out.