Glory in the Meeting House!

Since tomorrow is Sunday, and many will go to a church service, this tune seemed apropos.


When we play this at our jam session, one of my dear friends often comments that the angels are dancing!  I believe that God likes it when we enjoy the gift of music.:)

Glory in the Meeeting House – Guitar TAB Here is the guitar TAB and notations for the tune.:)

On researching for a video, I discovered that this particular version is quite different than most that I found. However, I DID locate a group who plays it mostly like we do at our jam. Hooray! We also have an awesome flatfooting dancer who really breaks it out on this tune!

See the menu at the top of this, go to the tab Free PDF’s and Practice Videos, to find practice videos for Glory in the Meeting House. 🙂

The tune lays extremely well on the guitar, and quite fun to play. So…….grab your guitar and try out Glory in the Meeting House. You’ll be glad that you did.


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