Woof, Woof!

The tune of the day is


A strange name, to be sure, but it’s a fun and easy tune to learn.:) We have neighbors who have a bull dog, and one day it bit the shoe of one of my sons who had stuck his tennis shoe through the fence. The dog wasn’t being aggressive, and is normally a friendly sort, but it sure scared my son! So, maybe the title should be, Neighbor, Does Your Bulldog Bite?

Granny Will Your Dog Bite – Gtr TAB Here is the PDF with guitar TAB as well as notation.

I found this young group who played Granny, Will Your Dog Bite with a little different style, but they make you tap your feet.

So…….you know what’s coming………grab your guitar and try it out.

Oh, a new feature to my blog is a page that has all of the tunes in PDF all in one spot (see the banner across the top of the page). I am adding some “learning” videos, with the tunes played at a moderate speed so that you can learn it a little easier than trying to follow someone playing at lightning speed. LOL I will keep adding tunes and videos, so come back and check it out!


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