Drum Roll, Fifes, March!

Today’s tune makes me think of a parade in the early days of our country, where freedom was appreciated and celebrated. Can you picture small children waving flags, proud men carrying muskets on their shoulders, smiling women dabbing tears from their eyes? Can you picture those who fought for our freedoms, those who stayed on the home front to keep things going, those who bravely patched up the wounded and held the hands of the dying? Liberty for our country, and any country, comes at great cost and sacrifice.


Now, I realize that I should have probably waited until the 4th of July to post this one, but it was on my mind today, so here it it!:) However, now you have time to learn it beforehand, and then you can play it well and with gusto by the 4th. Ta Dah!

This version is very straightforward, which is how most play it. Flatpickers, of course, and super mandolin players, will embellish it quite a bit. It’s just such a happy tune it its simple form.:)

Here is the guitar TAB – Liberty – Gtr TAB

And, I found several YouTube videos with the tune, but I chose this one because it’s a small group sitting in a back room somewhere, and just seemed so cozy and informal, like a lot of our camp out jams are.

This lays so well on the guitar, that I don’t think it will take you long to learn it. So……grab your guitar and plectrum (a fancy name for your pick!), and be thankful for the liberty, the freedoms that we enjoy here in the United States.


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