Really Cool Tune

Today’s tune,


is a really cool tune! Haha It is in Em, and has a groove that is just fun for me to listen to and play. For the tunes that I post here with TAB, I have tried to keep the it simple and at the first position as much as possible, unless it’s just easier to scoot up on the fretboard for certain measures. Cooley’s Reel has two places where we jump clear up to 5th thru 7th fret, AND use not only the high E string and B string, but we even catch a note on the G string! I hope you don’t mind this little challenge.

Here is the PDF with guitar TAB and notation – Cooley’s Reel – Gtr TAB

I found this video on YouTube where a bouzouki plays the melody while accompanied by a guitar and bodhran.

In the Midwest, it’s a beautiful summer day – just perfect for getting out the guitar and playing in the shade (or air conditioner!). So, yep, grab your guitar and stay cool, really….. 🙂

And, don’t forget to check out my page up at the top, Fiddle Tune – Free PDF Downloads, where you will find a collection of all of the tunes listed in my blogs all in one spot! You will also find some practice videos that I’ve made at a moderate tempo and played through three or four times in order to give you time to work on the tune.


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