Sail Away Ladies

The tune of the day is SAIL AWAY LADIES Personally, I love this old time tune because of the chord progression, so I will get as much enjoyment from playing the chords as from picking the melody.:) In my research, I found that this tune has many versions – not just variations of the same tune – but totally different tunes with the same name! It is also very similar to Sally Ann, but just enough different that I’ll give Sally Ann her own blog space later. LOL I tweaked this tune on just a few notes to make it line up with a version that I’m familiar with. One technical note, the B part is only 4 measures long instead of your standard 8 measures, but it repeats. However, I have found that some musicians play the B part twice, and some play it 4 times through. The 4 times through is probably to even up the tunes for contradance or square dancing where 32 measures total in the tune are called for. Here is the PDF – Sail Away Ladies – Gtr TAB Here’s a video of Kenny Baker playing close to this version of Sail Away Ladies. In fact, I believe that he is the one who made this version popular, or maybe it is his version…

Don’t forget to check out my page with all of the blog tunes in one spot! There are also some practice videos for some of the tunes being played at a moderate tempo several times straight through, with more being added each week. If you want to see all of the videos in one location, just go to my YouTube channel, pickthestrings, to view them and to practice. 🙂 As always, get out your beautiful guitar and play awhile. You’ll be so glad that you did! Blessings

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