Steam Boat on the River…..

The tune,


always reminds of the old riverboats that were powered by steam to run the paddle wheels! In reading about the tune, it seems that it might be named for the Big Sandy River that flows along the shared border of Kentucky and West Virginia. I first learned this one when I played the mountain dulcimer, before I ventured into guitar. It is a tune that feels just right being done at a moderate tempo, but it can by used as a dance tune as well.

Here is the guitar TAB  and notation – Sandy River Belle – Gtr TAB

In looking for a video, I actually found two that I like, so here they are. The banjo video is done in the traditional manner, and then there’s one done in a non-traditional manner, using instruments not generally used in old-time music. 🙂 Hope you enjoy each of them!

As always, it’ll make your heart happy! So, grab your guitar and try it out.:) Be sure to check out the menu at the top of the page, Fiddle Tunes…., to find a practice video for Sandy River Belle, done at a moderate tempo.:)


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