Paddy Where???


is our tune for the day.:) For those who would love to learn all about handcars while they learn this tune, this link is for you!

Although Paddy on a Handcar has Am chords, the key signature has one sharp, so it’s G/Em. So don’t forget to play that F as an F#! Here is the guitar TAB PDF – Paddy on a Handcar – Gtr TAB

I found lots of YouTube videos with Paddy on a Handcar, and discovered that it’s not only a traditional tune, it is also a drum corp, fife and whistle tune! I had thought that it was an Irish tune – boy, was I wrong. Most tune titles with “Paddy” in them are Celtic in origin, but Paddy on a Handcar is definitely an American Old-Time tune! Although, I also found that, according to Ceolas: The Fiddler’s Companion – Bayard (1981) identifies this rather common tune as a descendant of a once well-known Scottish song air known usually as “The Waukin o the Fauld.”  So, well, take your pick. LOL

So, this lays pretty well on the guitar, so, yep, go have some fun.:) Oh, yeah, go to the Fiddle Tunes page at the top of this page to find a practice video for this tune.:)


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