The 4th of July!

I love it! I finally get to add one of my favorite old-time tunes on just the right day!


I can’t quite remember where I found this tune, but I think it was on one of my prowls for more old-time music. LOL

Here is the guitar TAB and notation – Camp Meeting on the Fourth of July – Gtr TAB

The absolute BEST video that I found for this, and actually what inspired me to learn Camp Meeting on the Fourth of July, was this one from a wedding. This is what weddings are all about – doing what you love with whom you love. 🙂 And, talk about audience participation!

I know that you can’t wait to get out your guitar, so even if fireworks are on your agenda today, take a few minutes and enjoy this tune! Oh, I am also uploading a practice video for this tune, which includes – ta da! – a section with back up rhythm so that you can play along with actual chords. Hope that you enjoy that.:) (check the menu tabs above and click Fiddle Tunes PDF…to find the video link)

I’m off to watch the World Cup soccer play off for 3rd and 4th place.:)


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