Tuttle’s Reel

The tune for today is


The Fiddler’s Companion says in regards to the title, “The “Tuttle’s Reel” title comes from Clare fiddler Bobby Casey, who had the tune from his friend, fiddler John Joe Tuttle, however, Tuttle himself said he had it from the Paddy Sweeney recording.”

Tuttle’s Reel is also commonly known as Custom’s Gap, and several other names. This Dm tune (with no Bb though) has a drive all its own. The version that I’ve notated is sort of blending of a couple of different ways to play the tune. And, Dm normally lays pretty well on the guitar.:)

Here is the guitar TAB and notation – Tuttle’s Reel – Gtr TAB

This YouTube video is quite a lively interpretation, and is very similar to how we play it our local jam.

If there’s still time left in your day, grab your guitar and try out this new tune.:)


Oh yeah, US won the World Cup in Women’s Soccer!!

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