Whistling Rufus

The tune for today is


This wonderful piece of music was written by Kerry Mills in 1899! It has been adapted over the years into some great versions for bluegrass bands and flatpick guitar. However, I was curious to find out what the original version was like, so I did some research, and found the original piano score! The notation here is taken from that score, and I tried to keep as much as possible, within the limitations of the guitar compared to the piano, to the composer’s version. 🙂 However, Doc Watson does a really great rendition of Whistling Rufus as well and it is worth taking the time to listen to! I will post the link down below. I think the original score was intended to be played at the pace of a march or a cakewalk.

But here is the notation with guitar TAB – Whistling Rufus – Gtr TAB

Ok, there are three videos that I want to show you. The first is the original piano version:

Now, here is a bluegrass band’s interpretation of Whistling Rufus, performed by Homespun Rowdy.

Finally, Doc Watson’s famous flatpick guitar version in this medley!

So, there you have it! Your guitar is begging to be played, so get it out.:) You’ll be glad that you did!


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