Another Polka!

The tune of the day is


This catchy little Irish tune is fun and easy to play. According to , “Also known as 40 Pound Float, Armagh, The Armagh, Forty Pound Float, Forty Pound Floiat, Hills Of Connemara, Jack Ryan’s, John Ryan’s, Johnny Ryan’s, Keadue, The Keadue.” Most of the time when it is played, it is part of a set of polkas. At our local jam, we usually play Finnish Polka, John Ryan’s Polka, and Cheese together.

Here is the guitar TAB and notation – John Ryan’s Polka – Gtr TAB

I found this delightful video that features a polka set! John Ryan’s begins at about 1:50, and they even play it like our group does on the A part. You have to love the enthusiasm of this crowd! 🙂

Want to make your day brighter? John Ryan’s will do it.


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