Cold Frosty Morning….Brrrrrrrr

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Cold Frosty Morning is a wonderful tune in Am that lays well on the guitar, and really just about any instrument. In my research, I found that there is a wide difference of opinion as to the origins of the tune. So far, I found that it came from Scotland, Ireland, or is an American old-time tune! Whichever is correct, it’s a very common tune, and another one to add to your list of tunes to learn that you can take to just any jam group and a lot of folks will know it.:)

The A part is played totally out of first position, but in the B part, I again took the liberty of going a bit up the neck for the first couple of measures. The hint on how to play this is to, in the first measure of the B part, use the first note of E on the open string of E to give you time to get your hand in the correct place (index finger hovered over the fifth fret on the high E string). Then, play the 2nd and 3rd notes (both A, or the fifth fret on the high string) with your index finger. That way, your fingers are in the correct position to play the next measure, using your index finger on the A (5), ring finger on the B (7), back to the A with index (5), and your ring finger again up high on the G, which is played on the B string 8th fret. The open E then gives you time to get back down into the regular first position to play the 3rd measure and following out to the end.  I haven’t tried to explain this in the past, but as I go along, I realize that some of you might appreciate a little bit of the reasoning behind my placement of notes up the neck, and maybe even the fingering that I might use. Of course, whatever I put here is just an idea, or one way the tune could played, so always bear that in mind. You may come up with a totally different way to play these same notes, or even a variation of the tune, and that’s great and part of the entire creative process!

Here is the guitar TAB and notation – Cold Frosty Morning – Gtr TAB

I know that this is a longer post than usual, but I cannot resist posting two totally different styles of playing this tune.:) Here is the “standard” way that most groups will play.

But then…….I found this extremely cool version with just a fiddle and banjo that really conveys an wonderful old-time feel! I got the shivers the first time that I heard it. Sometimes I think that I must belong up in the Appalachian Mountains or something.

Well, I sure hope that this tune inspires you to learn more about your guitar. You’ll be so glad that you took the time to play!


One thought on “Cold Frosty Morning….Brrrrrrrr

  1. gibsonsoul September 3, 2018 / 6:36 am

    Love this rendition, melodic and soulfully performed. Thanks


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