Hurry Up and Sneeze

Today’s tune is


This interesting tune title could cause some speculation into its meaning. So, let’s see, hurry up and sneeze from breathing in the pepper. Um, someone named Rush had a prized pepper from the garden. Oh, maybe it was a dog and cat named, respectively, Rush and The Pepper. I could find absolutely nothing that gave me a clue as to the “why” the tune was titled this way. It is a fun tune, however, especially with the up and down the scale in the A part contrasted with the half note measures in the B part. The notation used comes from the playing of Jesse Abbott.

Here is the guitar TAB and notation – Rush and the Pepper – Gtr TAB

Surprisingly, there were several videos on YouTube to choose from. Here is a version that comes pretty close to the notation. They start playing at about :43.

This peppy tune will make it worth your time to get out your guitar.:)


One thought on “Hurry Up and Sneeze

  1. Lorri October 23, 2015 / 3:53 pm

    This is so awesome!! Keep up the amazing work!


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