Boston Boy

Today’s tune is


This tune came across my path this past weekend and I became enamored with it! I like that it’s in the key of C. It just has an old-time sound. In researching the tune, Flatpicking Guitar Magazine’s Mickey Abraham said this in the preface to his arrangement of the tune, “Hello and welcome once again to FGM’s free flatpicking lesson portion of our monthly newsletter. This month I bring to you “Boston Boy,” a tune made famous by Bill Monroe in his lyrics to the iconic “Uncle Pen.” Monroe’s song makes reference to his fiddle playing uncle and the fiddle tunes that he liked to play. “Boston Boy” was on his list! If the tune is good enough for Uncle Pen to play, and good enough for Bill to sing about, then it is worthy of being taught here.” Here is the link link to the web page that contains his version – with TAB. 🙂

Oh, I should mention that I discovered that the A and B parts are sometimes switched around. Which is right? I don’t know. You just have make sure that whoever you are playing with starts on the same part as you!

And, here is the link to the Boston Boy – Boston Boy – Gtr TAB

There were a few videos of the tune on YouTube, but I chose this one since Mickey Abraham had referred to Bill Monroe’s playing.

It’s rather an overcast day here in the Midwest, but beautifully fall weather, so it’s a great time to get out your guitar and give this shot. It’s a bit of a challenge, but worth it.:)


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