Fair Morning Hornpipe

The tune of the day is


This tune is a great tune, but I must say that I’ve not really heard anyone play it as a hornpipe! I like giving it a little lilt on the guitar, however.:) I found that there is an almost identical tune to this named Nancy. It seems to be popular among banjo players. And, although it’s titled as a hornpipe, which we generally associate with celtic music, it seems to have originated in West Virginia from the playing of the famous fiddler, Wilson Douglas.

Fair Morning Hornpipe is usually played in the key of D, but it was much easier to play it on the guitar in the key of C, and then capo on the 2nd fret to put it in the key of D. Hooray for capos!!

Here is the notation and guitar TAB – Fair Morning Hornpipe – Gtr TAB

The group in this video does a nice job of playing the tune – they make it a truly musical experience.

As always, grab your guitar and try it out. Here in the Midwest, it’s cold and blucky, and perfect for sitting down a spell. You’ll be glad that you did!


Liquor Seller

Today’s tune is


This tune was introduced to me by the playing of James Bryan on a YouTube video. He pairs this with Yellow Gals, which I’ve already posted the notation and TAB for. 🙂 It’s a wonderful modal tune that could be played about a million times….

Here is the guitar TAB and notation – Liquor Seller – Gtr TAB

And here is the super playing of James Bryan!

So grab your guitar, and give it try! AND, if you ever find a fiddle player who likes old time tunes, well, then, you’ve got it made….



Father Kelly’s

Today’s tune is


This tune came up in a guitar jam yesterday, and I really wanted to share it here! When I first learned the tune, I learned it from the fiddle playing on The Portland Collection’s CD, which I’ll post below. It was played sweetly, and not like a reel at all. You can imagine my surprise when it was called at a regular jam and it went lightning speed. Either way it’s interpreted, however, it’s a wonderful tune to add to your repertoire.

Here is the guitar TAB – Father Kelly’s Gtr TAB

This is not really a video, as such, but just the mp3 playing Father Kelly’s, from The Portland Collection.


Now here is a more traditional way of playing Father Kelly’s! It is the 3rd tune in the set.

As always, your guitar beckons….you can also check out my practice video on the “Fiddle Tunes…PDF….” page up at the top here, which has all of the tunes featured on this blog all on one page, as well as many practice video links.