Father Kelly’s

Today’s tune is


This tune came up in a guitar jam yesterday, and I really wanted to share it here! When I first learned the tune, I learned it from the fiddle playing on The Portland Collection’s CD, which I’ll post below. It was played sweetly, and not like a reel at all. You can imagine my surprise when it was called at a regular jam and it went lightning speed. Either way it’s interpreted, however, it’s a wonderful tune to add to your repertoire.

Here is the guitar TAB – Father Kelly’s Gtr TAB

This is not really a video, as such, but just the mp3 playing Father Kelly’s, from The Portland Collection.


Now here is a more traditional way of playing Father Kelly’s! It is the 3rd tune in the set.

As always, your guitar beckons….you can also check out my practice video on the “Fiddle Tunes…PDF….” page up at the top here, which has all of the tunes featured on this blog all on one page, as well as many practice video links.


One thought on “Father Kelly’s

  1. Mick December 7, 2015 / 12:21 am

    For years I had always heard Father Kelly’s played fast but one evening while jamming at a small festival, a fiddle player started it very slowly. It was so beautiful I almost forgot to breath. There’s something about those Kelly’s…


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