Joe and the Gypsy

Since it is a New Year, you get a special deal today! LOL The tunes go together, so I just wanted to present them in the same post.:)



These two tunes are quite interesting, chord structurally. Joe Banes is played first, and it begins in the key of G, then drops to the relative minor, Em, in the B part. When you proceed on to Gypsy Princess, it begins in Em, then switches to the key of G in the B part, so then it comes around full circle to the key of G. For this music geek, it’s kind of cool…

Anyway, this set is also played in the key of A as well, so if you run across someone who wants to play it in A, just use your trusty capo on the the 2nd fret, and voila, you can play your G chords which now sound like A! Isn’t a capo such a wonderful tool?

Here is the guitar TAB and notation:

Joe Banes – Gtr TAB

Gypsy Princess – Gtr TAB

The video I chose to help you learn these tunes was picked because I like how they play the tunes as a team, as well as the fact that they aren’t playing at lightning speed. 🙂

For those who are enjoying an extended Christmas break, NOW is the time to work on these tunes. You’ll be glad that you did!


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