Ruffled Drawers

The tune of the day is


I was quite astounded when I began research this tune. It seems like there are several tunes that are very closely related with only slight variations in the melody. Some of the most common tune names that I found were New Five Cents, Buffalo Nickel, and Robinson County. Each version has something unique that actually makes it its own tune. It seems that the melody may date back to as early as 1913. The chord progression is simple, and the tune is peppy. It’s a keeper!

Here is the guitar TAB and notation – Ruffled Drawers – Gtr TAB

Here is a nice version that is very close to what I’ve notated here. Ruffled Drawers begins at about 4:55.

As always, your guitar is calling, and I think you’ll have fun with this easy tune. Go ahead, give in, turn off your computer or TV, and play! You’ll be glad that you did.:)


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