Old Joe Clark

Today’s tune is


This tune is another one of those “standard” jam tunes. It is easy to learn and play, and lots of people know it if you call it. I found it mostly in the key of A, but our dulcimer group played it in the key of D, and some play it in G. I have notated it here in the key of A.

In researching this tune, I found this information at http://www.balladofamerica.com/music/indexes/songs/oldjoeclark/

“Old Joe Clark is an American fiddle tune that is well-known throughout the United States and other parts of the world. Many different verses and choruses have been sung to the tune. The song’s origins are unclear, as is the identity of Joe Clark himself, if the title did actually derive from a namesake. Various claims indicate that Joe Clark may have been a moonshiner in the Virginia hills, a veteran of the War of 1812, or a banjo player from Clay County, Kentucky.”

So, here is the guitar TAB and notation – Old Joe Clark – Gtr TAB

Since I really enjoy the banjo, I chose a YouTube video of Old Joe Clark being played in not one but two banjos!

The days are getting warmer here as winter is drawing to a close, and it’s the perfect time to get out your guitar for bit, and work on this old-time tune. You’ll be glad that you did!



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