Seneca Square Dance

Today’s tune was requested by a visitor to the site, so thank you for the suggestion!

Seneca Square Dance is also known as Waiting for the Federals, among other titles. I found basically either a contradance version or an old-time version, so this version is somewhat in-between. The A part is straightforward and plays easily in the first position. The B part is a bit trickier, and in order to accommodate smaller hands, I moved sections up the neck, as well as utilized a floater string to get back down into first position. It’s a nice, easy-going tune, and will be worth the extra effort to learn it!

Here is the notation and TAB – Seneca Square Dance – Gtr TAB

There were so many great videos on YouTube that demonstrated Seneca Square Dance, but this is the one that I chose. Hope that you like it.

As always, take time to sit down with your guitar and enjoy the music – you’ll be glad that you did!