Billy in the Lowground

One tune that I really enjoy playing the chords for is this one!


There is something about the chord structure that is quite fun. I have never figured out what or where the lowground is….LOL I looked up Billy in the Lowground on YouTube and there are so many versions, especially for the flatpick guitar. So…I just chose one that didn’t seem too busy or off the beaten path of the basic melody.

The PDF with guitar TAB includes moving up the neck a bit in measures 11 and 12 – the last two measures of the first line of the B part. I have small hands and short fingers, and this was much easier than trying to reach clear up to the 7th and 8th fret and back down. Try it~Billy in the Lowground – Guitar TAB

As always, just take a few minutes, right now, and pull out your guitar and try this one out.