Green Fields

The tune of the day is


This Irish reel is in the key of G, even though the initial chord is C. The one sharp (F#) is what indicates the key. I have heard this played by a fiddler who played is slower than a reel and with a bit of a lilt, and it was beautiful! I think it sounds pretty on the guitar as well. One note – I found basically two different endings in my research, and since both were common, I just notated the alternate ending, which would be the final four measures when playing the B part the second time through before going back to the A part.

Here is the guitar TAB and notation – Green Fields of America – Gtr TAB

This particular fiddler plays Green Fields of America at a nice tempo, and I know it will make your learning go a bit easier.

Now is the time for all good men ~and women~ to get their guitars and pick! (I couldn’t resist – back in my school days, in typing class, we had to type “Now is the time for all good men to come to aid of their country” many, many, many times:))


March, March, March

Today’s tune, Constitution March, is a fun tune that I notated in the key of C. I have found it more commonly done in D. One interesting tidbit I discovered is that it is also almost identical to  a tune named Clare’s Dragoon. According to the Encyclopedia Britannica:

“dragoon, in late 16th-century Europe, a mounted soldier who fought as a light cavalryman on attack and as a dismounted infantryman on defense. The terms derived from his weapon, a species of carbine or short musket called the dragoon. Dragoons were organized not in squadrons but in companies, and their officers and noncommissioned officers bore infantry titles. From the early wars of Frederick II the Great of Prussia in the 18th century, dragoon has referred to medium cavalry. The light cavalry of the British army in the 18th and early 19th centuries was for the most part called light dragoon. In the 20th century, dragoon regiments were converted to armoured formations; the French army also reorganized some dragoon regiments as motorized infantry (dragons portés).”

So, both titles refer to soldiers and marching! Either way, here is the PDF with guitar TAB and notation.

Constitution March – Gtr TAB

Here is a video of the tune for practice.

Be sure to pick your guitar and try this one out. The key of C should be a nice change of pace from the standard D and G tunes!