Two fer One Special

While browsing YouTube one day, I ran across this simple old-time tune called Did You Ever See the Devil, Uncle Joe? In looking for the notation, I discovered that it is also called Hop High Ladies. There is a fine discussion about the history of the tune on Vi Wickam’s website here.

In the meantime, it’s a tune that’s easy to learn and play. So, you can get the PDF  with free guitar TAB and notation for each tune, which are really the same tune! LOL

Did You Ever See the Devil, Uncle Joe – Gtr TAB

Hop High Ladies – Gtr TAB

Here are a couple of videos that I enjoyed. As usual, there are many small differences to the tunes so I tried to find ones that fit pretty close to the notation that I found.:)

Of course, with such titles, you must get out your guitar and take a turn at playing! You’ll be glad that you did!