Ye Olde Tree

Today’s tune is


This is one of those old-time tunes that has at least two very distinct and different ways of playing it! The title, Hollow Poplar, may refer to some poplar tree that was hollow. I like to think that perhaps the composer, who is unknown, might have been sitting outside on the grass with a fiddle or mandolin in hand, tinkering around on it, while this tune fell out of it (the instrument, not the tree). That’s rather fanciful, but one never knows…..

Speaking of hollow poplars, poplars really can be hollow! Here is a YouTube video that shows how huge the opening can be.

Free guitar TAB and notation is here – Hollow Poplar – Gtr TAB

The Lazy Goat String Band play their version of Hollow Poplar, which is quite close to the one that I have chosen to post here. I do wonder, however,┬áif their goat ever got lost and hid in the hollow poplar….:)

As always, grab your guitar and try it out! There is also a practice video up in the Fiddle Tunes PDF page, played at a moderate tempo while you learn.