Home With the Girls in the Morning

Well, I’m home with my girls this morning! The tune for today is


My research found that this modal tune may have originated in the Appalachian mountains. Although it is in Dm, there is not a Bb that would normally be in the key of Dm – the B is a natural. This makes it a modal tune. I really enjoy this tune, and like it on any instrument. Although it sounds wonderful played super fast, if played a little bit more slowly than mega speed, it has a certain groove that can be somewhat mesmerizing. Oh, don’t forget to notice that the 12th measure of the B part has an F# instead of an F natural. The chord changes as well to a D instead of a Dm. This is not a typo! It truly goes that way, and I think adds to its charm. I did find some who did not use the F#, but the F natural, but I think that the musical dissonance created by the wonky note truly makes this tune memorable.

Here is the PDF with guitar TAB and notation – Home with the Girls in the Morning – Gtr TAB

I found this cool fiddle player, Jane Rothfield, who plays it like the old time players would play it. Awesome! Also, there is now a practice video available – just go to the Fiddle Tunes tab at the top of my home page. There you will find all of my blog tunes on one page, and practice videos, at a moderate tempo, for some of the tunes. 🙂

As usual, grab your guitar and work on a new tune! It will surely chase away your cares for awhile!