The Ten-Penny Bit

The tune of the day is


This nice little jig is quite catchy to listen to and to play. Although the chords are in Am, there is a G sharp in the key signature, which makes it actually like modal type of jig. I looked up what a ten-penny bit was, and it was basically a piece of money worth ten pence. The term “bit” was used to refer to low-valued coinage. Ten-penny is also used to reference nails that are 3 inches long – ouch!

In the notation and TAB, I decided to play quite a bit (haha) of the B part up the neck because of the reaches, especially in the second measure of the B part where you jump from a high B to the G. And, as always, I feel like it is an easy way to slowly get you accustomed to not being fearful of playing up the neck.

Here is the guitar TAB and notation – Ten-Penny Bit, The – Gtr TAB

I found a video of The Ten-Penny Bit being played by a banjo and a bodhran! Woo hoo!

I think you’ll enjoy learning this little jig, so go ahead, sit down for spell and try it out.:) You’ll be glad you did!