Pretty Little Cat

The awesome tune of the day is


This old-time tune in Am is extremely fun to play! Our local jam group really enjoys the syncopation and it just falls into a groove.:) As usual, there are several versions of the tune, but this is the one that we play.:)

Here is the guitar TAB and notation – Pretty Little Cat – Gtr TAB

There is actually a video of our group playing Pretty Little Cat. This was filmed at our Memorial Day camp out in May, 2014 underneath the grandstands.

Also, I found another video of Pretty Little Cat like we play it, and just had to include it!

And just for good measure…LOL

So……your guitar is calling!

Oh yeah, there is a practice video on my Fiddle Tunes PDF…page. Just click the banner across the top here, and you’ll find the link. All of the tunes that I post on my blog are posted on this page, as well as practice videos for some of the tunes. Check it out!