Fun Scottish Hornpipe!


is a fun Scottish hornpipe, so it’s played like dotted notes, altho’ I did not notate it that way. Lots of people play hornpipes straight, like a reel, so it’s whatever suits your fancy. I figured that “quarter deck” was a nautical term, so I found the definition on this site:

The Quarter Deck – Gtr TAB┬áis a PDF of the tune, with guitar TAB.

I couldn’t find any video of the tune, but if I run across one I’ll come back and put it in here.:)

Quarterdeck Deck area designated by the commanding officer as the place to carry out official functions; station of the OOD in port.
Quarterdeck Part of the main (or other) deck reserved for honors and ceremonies and the station of the OOD. The quarter-deck received its name in the days when decks were in tiers. The “half-deck” was half the length of the ship, and the “quarter-deck” was half the length of the half-deck.

As always, go pick up your guitar case, unlatch it, tune the strings, and try this fun tune! You’ll be glad that you did.