Captain Byng Polka

CAPTAIN BYNG is a wonderful little polka that can get going quite fast!

It is constructed around the chords, so it truly makes it a small, fun “study” on chordal structure on whatever instrument you choose to play it on.

I looked around to find a recording, and this one on YouTube seems to work well. The video is a set of two polkas, and Captain Byng begins at about 1:34. When we play this at our jam, it’s usually enough to get people’s feet tapping and legs moving – great music!

Captain Byng – Gtr TAB

is the PDF that contains the guitar TAB, as well as the notations and chords.:)

Here in the Midwest, it’s a cloudy day, but I know that getting out my guitar and working on this tune will certainly brighten things up.:) Try it there, where you live, today. You’ll be glad that you did!