Upstairs in a …. Tent??

The tune for the day is


This is such an interesting name for a tune. It reminds me of my boys putting up a tent in their room…..upstairs, of course! This Irish tune also has a couple of other names – Tie the Bonnet, and Jenny Tie the Bonnet. So, it’s a 3-fer-1 deal. 🙂

Here is the PDF guitar TAB and notation – Upstairs in a Tent – Gtr TAB

This video was filmed from a session held in Brosna, Co. Kerry, Ireland, at the Con Curtin Festival, June 2014. Upstairs in a Tent is the second tune in the set.

This tune is a bit more challenging on the guitar, in the B part, but today is the day to rise to that challenge! 🙂 You’ll be glad that you did!