St. Anne’s Real, or isn’t she?

Just couldn’t resist the pun today!


This tune is one of those standard tunes that most everyone who plays fiddle music knows. It fits in just about any category, but we’ll put it in the Irish tunes group. I don’t know what it is about the tune, but it is a classic! If you search YouTube, you will find many versions of St. Anne’s Reel and some are amazing. Right now, St Anne’s Reel – Gtr TABis a simple version for learning the basic tune.:) There is are now two practice videos available! Just go to the Fiddle Tunes tab at the top of this page, where you’ll find a practice video for playing the tune totally in first position, and one that shows you how to play the B part up the neck. There is also TAB for both as well.:)

So, you know what I’m going to say – get out your guitar and work on this super tune!

You’ll be glad that you did.:)