Not For Those Who Want Their Baby To Sleep

I have to say that this is also one of my top favorites!


In spite of the title, this is not a lullaby. 🙂 I first fell in love with this tune when I heard Erin Rogers play it on her mountain dulcimer. The old-time feel just grabs you and swirls you around in that zone that makes you want to hear/play it about a million times over!

The PDF Rock the Cradle Joe – Gtr TABis the basic tune, which I think is the most fun anyway.

I found a wonderful YouTube version that you might enjoy.

And….I couldn’t resist sending you here as well.

And….there is now a practice video available for you! Just go to the Fiddle Tunes tab at the top of this page, where you’ll find a link to my YouTube channel with a Rock The Cradle Joe practice video.:)

As always, try this out on your guitar TODAY! It’ll make your day brighter. 🙂