Look, There’s a Bird Party!

Today’s tune is


This fiddle tune is a rag-time sounding tune, but it is easier to play than a lot of other rags. In the key of G, it lays well on the guitar, and really just seems to be made for it. I am anxious to get to play it with other guitar flatpickers!

In my earlier years as a mom, in order to sometimes distract fussy children while we were driving, if I saw a flock of birds lined up on telephone wires or in trees, I would point and exclaim, “Look, there’s a bird party!”. Through the years, it is very common for us to still make that observation, even with adult children and teens. Really, there is just something so cheerful about the fact that birds flock together and hang out just like people do.

OK, here’s the guitar TAB and notation – Flock of Birds – Gtr TAB

I was unable to find any video or even an audio recording of this tune, but I will keep looking. If I do run across one, I’ll add it to this post. So check back!

Don’t forget to check out the Fiddle Tunes PDF…tab is at the top of this page. There, you will find a comprehensive list (all on one page!) of all of the tunes that have been featured on my blog posts, with the links for the notation in PDF format. Many of the tunes also have a link for a practice video, played a bit slower than normal to allow you learn and play along, either with the melody or the chords!

Take time to relax, get out your guitar, and enjoy the bird party!


Devil’s Dream

Today’s tune is


This is one of those standard flatpicking tunes, and it’s also very popular among fiddle players. Even though it’s in the key of A, it lays extremely well on the guitar, mostly because the G# that is in the key of A is never played.:) There are themes that repeat themselves quite a bit, so you really only have to learn about half a tune in order to learn this one! Hooray!

Here is the guitar TAB and notation – Devil’s Dream – Gtr TAB

I found this very interesting version of Devil’s Dream on YouTube, located in the city of Pune, India! How far around the world tunes can travel, eh? And, they play it almost identically as it is played here in the US. There is always something amazing when a tune goes so many places here in the states as well as overseas. I feel like I could walk in to some of these jams and we would all play well together. Oh Yeah! Maybe someday I’ll be able to do just that!

Welp, as always, grab your guitar and try this one out. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed one single bit. Oh, and there is a practice video for this one if you look up at the top of this page under Fiddle Tunes…..