Squish, Squish

Today’s tune is


I’m not a barefoot sort of person, but I’ve watched my children enjoy squishing their toes in the mud, so it must be fun. LOL This old time tune is a 3-parter, and I could just about play it all day long. When it first came across my path, the C part repeated, so that’s how I’ve notated it here. However, I have found many places where the C part is only played one time through and then back around to the beginning. So, take your pick – just make sure that all who are jamming with you know what you want to do!

Sal’s Got Mud Between Her Toes – Gtr TAB

Here’s video from some folks in Denmark, and it’s amazing that even that far away, the tune has actually held onto the basic melody!

So, this sunny day here in the Midwest, pick up your guitar and try it! If the sun’s not shining where you are, it’ll surely be enticed to peek out of the clouds with this tune.:)